White is right: why we love white interiors at Ocerti


Last time we talked about the joys of minimalism in the home, and today, we want to continue the theme of fresh, neutral interiors by talking about the wonderful shade of white.

Picking the perfect colour scheme can prove to be a very difficult decision. Somewhat similar to a kid in a sweet shop: if you know exactly what you want, you could spend a lengthy amount of time coming to a decision… Bonbons or Cola Bottles? Jelly Beans or Liquorice Allsorts? The list is endless, as is that of colour dilemmas! Continue reading White is right: why we love white interiors at Ocerti

How to create a minimalistic home


Do you dream of a calm, contemporary home? Perhaps you’re fed up of being greeted by piles of clutter every time you enter the house, or growing tired of the constant cleaning and tidying that it requires. Maybe you’ve come to realise how much ‘stuff’ you own that you don’t really need, and want to bring your home back to basics. Continue reading How to create a minimalistic home

Ways to reuse old blinds

While we’re always quick to shout about the high quality and durability of our products, here at Ocerti, we know that nothing lasts forever (especially when there are pets and children around!) Window blinds are susceptible to damage – after all, they’re used every day. And no matter how careful you are with your window dressings, wear and tear over time is to be expected. So what should you do when your blinds no longer function correctly? Well, before relegating them to the bin, take a look at our list of ways to reuse old blinds… Continue reading Ways to reuse old blinds

How to choose a colour scheme

Are you planning on decorating your home, but not sure where to begin? Maybe you’re struggling to choose between colours, or you’re not sure which shades will ‘go’ together. Our helpful interior design infographic answers all of these questions – and more!

how to choose a colour scheme final

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2015 Colour Trends


As the year draws to a close, we at Ocerti want to keep our customers ahead of the curve in terms of upcoming interior trends. 2015 is set to be a year brimming with pattern, texture and colour, with a huge variety of designs and finishes lined up to be the next big thing. On the pattern front, expect peacock prints, dip dyes and photorealism, along with florals that span from traditional, vintage flourishes to bright tropical prints. With regards to texture, think sumptuous velvets and thick, rough weaves, complemented by natural mattes, which will overtake sleek lacquers as the most stylish finish.

Continue reading 2015 Colour Trends

Cute Christmas Mood Board

Here at Ocerti, while we love stylish, sophisticated interiors over Christmas, we can’t help but fall in love with fun, cute decorations too. That’s why we’ve put together a mood board for the ultimate cute Christmas – fluff, sparkles and adorable characters aplenty, this mood board is sure to help your decorate your home for a super-cute Christmas!

Cute Christmas Decorations Mood Board

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From the catwalk to your kitchen

Here at Ocerti we like to keep up with the latest trends. We know how influential the catwalk is, and how the world of interior design is heavily influenced by the creations of forward-thinking fashion designers. Today we’ve pulled together some of our favourite window dressings along with their catwalk counterparts. Are you inspired?

Continue reading From the catwalk to your kitchen

Winter Florals Mood Board

Who would have thought it – florals at this time of year?

When it comes to decorating your home, many associate A/W with warmth and tradition. And while furry throws and wooden furniture make for a lovely cosy space, you shouldn’t feel limited to certain styles when the weather gets colder. In fact, the world of interior design is welcoming all things dainty this season. That’s right, floral prints and pastel shades are in! 

Ocerti Winter Florals

Here at Ocerti, we pride ourselves on keeping up with trends and providing our customers with the most recent styles available. That’s why we’ve put together this Winter Florals Mood Board, explaining how you can achieve a fabulously floral home that’ll see you through the season. We’re recommending our lovely Arena Silhouette Aubergine roller blind, which boasts a subtle floral pattern in the on-trend shades of greys and purples.

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Functional yet fashionable

When it comes to stylish interior design, aesthetics regularly supersede function. The textures and tones of a room often receive much more contemplation than cleaning and practicality – as any modern interior designer will tell you, finding a rug that’s the perfect shade of minky-beige with pink overtones is far more important than its vacuum-friendliness! Continue reading Functional yet fashionable

How to measure your windows


It’s often difficult to know where to begin when it comes to measuring for new blinds or curtains, but like many things, it’s really easy once you know how!

That’s why we’ve created measuring guides for each Ocerti product. All you need is a metal tape measure (it’s much easier to be accurate with these), and take measurements to the nearest millimetre.

Already know which Ocerti window dressing you’re opting for? Just click on the links below to discover how to measure accurately for them. If you’re still umming and ahhing over the best blinds or curtains for you, check out our post about selecting the right window dressings first! Continue reading How to measure your windows